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2023 is the Year that Google Dies

December 31, 2022 Jim Season 2 Episode 56
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2023 is the Year that Google Dies
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2023 will be a really interesting year for a lot of reasons. 

The year will begin with us being 6 months into a recession and some geopolitical events that could deepen that recession (the potential consolidation of BRICS will be really interesting to observe). 

The emergence and acceleration of AI in the workplace will have profound impact on the world of work. 

Since everyone is making predictions about 2023, we figured this would be our opportunity to make a bold prediction. 

2023 will be the year that signals the beginning of the end for Google and traditional search engines as we know it. 

This episode will talk about the relationships between Chat GPT, Microsoft, Azure, Linkedin, Google, YouTube, and TikTok and how the shifting sands will signal the end of Google search. 

What do you think of the bold prediction? 

What's your bold prediction for 2023? 

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 Episode 99: The One Where We Predict How Google Dies 

Episode 99: The One Where We Predict How Google Dies 

[00:00:00] Dr. Jim: welcome to today's episode of Cascading Leadership. I am your friendly neighborhood talent strategy nerd, Dr. Jim, and we are in for a special episode today. This is episode number 99, and what's significant about this particular episode is that we haven't even hit our. One year anniversary as a podcast, and we're wrapping up the year 2022 with episode 99.

[00:00:26] Dr. Jim: So it's been a lot of fun meeting all sorts of interesting people and and having some great conversations about how we can help everybody move their careers further faster. So it's been a lot of fun and I figured we would wrap up our first almost year episode 99. With a different show.

[00:00:45] Dr. Jim: I think given the time of year, everybody is wondering what does, what will 2023 look like? There is something interesting that came out that's gotten me thinking. So recently, you may or may not have heard that heard and seen chat, G p [00:01:00] t make a huge splash in in the world of work. And basically this is a a query-based AI tool run by open AI that can basically give you.

[00:01:10] Dr. Jim: A lot of great foundational content that could be applied to any number of things. You've seen people use chat g p t to build custom code, build automations. You've seen a lot of content start to get driven out that has at least some foundation of being developed by ai.

[00:01:28] Dr. Jim: So it's gonna have some interesting implications in the world of work. In 2023. But I think one of the things that's really interesting about chat G p t getting into the marketplace is some of the broader implications of the platform and how it can actually impact a lot of the major tech companies that are out there.

[00:01:46] Dr. Jim: So there's five relationships that I want to tie together and some of this was brought up by Will Aitkin and if you aren't following Will on on Vid Yard, on LinkedIn, on social and sales feed, you should. He's hilarious and he is got great [00:02:00] content, so definitely check him out.

[00:02:01] Dr. Jim: But one of the things that he mentioned got me thinking about how does that tie into chat G P T and there's sort of five. Relational elements that I want to talk about as we talk about this future of work or predictions for 2023 type of show. So one, you have chat, g p t by open ai. Two, you have Microsoft and Azure.

[00:02:22] Dr. Jim: Three, you have LinkedIn, four you have Google, and five you have TikTok. There's a relationship across those five. I think it's important to tie together. So chat G p t is essentially a querying platform. You type in a question and I'll pump out an answer on any number of topics. It uses na, natural language processing and a bunch of other stuff that's like way over my head.

[00:02:43] Dr. Jim: But it's really interesting and it's really useful and you can have a lot of fun with it. Open AI is the company that actually built it. Open AI has a relationship with Microsoft and Open AI and chat. G p T runs off of Azure So there's a really interesting relationship there.

[00:02:59] Dr. Jim: [00:03:00] And it's interesting because when you look at some of the other things with that are happening within the world of tech Google as a standalone product, but also tied with YouTube. Has spent time going back and forth as the number one search engine in in the world. And they have a monetization model that's tied to the searches that you perform on their site.

[00:03:21] Dr. Jim: TikTok has actually. Battled Google throughout the course of the year for that top spot as far as a search engine is concerned. So how is all of that related? If you think about it, Microsoft doesn't have as far as I know a search engine type tool. So what if. The things that you're seeing in terms of chat, g p T and open AI coming into the marketplace is the precursor for Microsoft, making a play into the search world with the understanding or expectation that probably TikTok is going to be removed from the US marketplace, which creates an opportunity for Microsoft to to expand in the marketplace and have their own offering as a search [00:04:00] engine.

[00:04:00] Dr. Jim: Their search engine potentially isn't gonna be driven by ad volume. That has a significant impact in terms of being able to grab market share away from Google. And what makes us all interesting is where LinkedIn comes into all of this. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, just like YouTube is owned by Google.

[00:04:19] Dr. Jim: And Will Aitkin actually pointed this out earlier where you've seen this recent transition. LinkedIn has actually brought over and brought in a lot of the top content creators from TikTok and other short form platforms into the LinkedIn ecosystem. And they are actually being brought on as LinkedIn insiders and content creators.

[00:04:45] Dr. Jim: And what Will mentioned is that. Indicates a move towards or shift towards more short form content on LinkedIn and an effort to go ahead and build a younger demographic on the LinkedIn platform. And when [00:05:00] you think about it at an enterprise level, If you're looking at Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn, wanting to make a push into search as an offering and compete with Google and TikTok, it logically makes sense that you have some of these content creators that are huge on other platforms, come to LinkedIn and and drive more short form content there.

[00:05:21] Dr. Jim: So I think the relationship or trend or projection that needs watching is. How will OpenAI chat, G P T and their association with Azure and Microsoft by way of LinkedIn impact search capability and competition against Google and TikTok? That is the thing that I'm gonna be paying attention to because that has some massive business implications.

[00:05:45] Dr. Jim: And I think when you look at where TikTok is positioned in terms of their reach in the global market, but more importantly the US market and especially legislation that's there. I think Microsoft is probably seeing an opportunity where they [00:06:00] could supplant or replace TikTok as a short form content platform that has a lot more value than just what what we know Tic-Tac for.

[00:06:09] Dr. Jim: So I'd be curious to get other people's perceptions or impressions on this sort of. Future looking conversation that we're having. I thought I'd do something a little bit different for episode 99 and see how it shakes out a year from now. I'll be curious to see how that that goes.

[00:06:24] Dr. Jim: For those of you who tuned into the episode and who have been tuning in since we launched in February totally appreciate your support. It's great way to wrap up 2022 with episode 99. Season three is gonna be launching on Thursday in the first week of January. So keep an eye out for that.

[00:06:40] Dr. Jim: We have Ashley Brundage, who is a bestselling author of empowering Differences and also a c e O of empowering Differences. Going to be on that show. It's gonna be a great story. And we are totally looking forward to telling a lot more great stories in in 2023. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

[00:06:56] Dr. Jim: And lb and I have some additional big [00:07:00] announcements to make as we get further into 2023. So for those of you who joined we appreciate your support. I'd be curious to get your thoughts on what you think of my view into the crystal ball and how chat G p t Azure, Microsoft, Google, TikTok, and YouTube are go all going to play together and create some interesting things to to watch out for in 2023 You can find cascading leadership on your favorite podcast platform.

[00:07:25] Dr. Jim: If you like this show tell a friend. Have them follow and subscribe on all of the platforms that we're on. We're under the cascading leadership handle across TikTok, across YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook. Marginally on Twitter, not on Instagram, because that's for food picks. And we are looking forward to a great 2023 where we have a lot more conversations on how we can help you move your career further faster.

[00:07:49] Dr. Jim: Thanks for joining us