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Love Getting Audited? You Definitely Won't Want to Do These 4 Things.

December 25, 2022 Jim Season 2 Episode 50
Cascading Leadership - The Show
Love Getting Audited? You Definitely Won't Want to Do These 4 Things.
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How do you maintain your federal contractor status and meet your federal diversity obligations? 

This 4 step process will set you on the right path. 

Take a listen to this micro-episode and reach out if you have questions. 

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 4 Steps for Maintaining Compliance on Diversity Initiatives 

4 Steps for Maintaining Compliance on Diversity Initiatives 

[00:00:00] Dr. Jim: welcome to today's episode of Cascading Leadership. I am your friendly neighborhood talent strategy nerd, Dr. Jim. And today's episode is gonna focus on the four things that organizations can do to be compliant with diversity requirements. This, show or this episode, is focused in on a subset

[00:00:18] Dr. Jim: in the world of work in the US who are federal contractors, and for those who are unfamiliar with that group of employers. In order for you to maintain your your federal contracts, you have to maintain compliance with the regulations that O F C P has in terms of your diversity initiatives and your good faith efforts.

[00:00:39] Dr. Jim: So this conversation, we're gonna focus in on four things. Federal contractors can do to maintain their compliance when it comes to O F C P. So the first thing that you can do to maintain your compliance is to implement an affirmative action plan.

[00:00:55] Dr. Jim: Now that. Will outline the steps [00:01:00] that the contractor is gonna take to ensure equal employment opportunity and diversity within their workplace. There are plenty of organizations that support you in those efforts.

[00:01:08] Dr. Jim: And that's certainly something that you can reach out. To to me directly or my co-host Lawrence. And we can direct you to, to some resources to help you with your a p plans. The second thing that you can do to maintain compliance is to collect and maintain data on the gender, race, ethnicity of your employees, as well as the number of job applicants and hires.

[00:01:32] Dr. Jim: You need to be as comprehensive as possible on a number of demographic criteria and be able to demonstrate good faith efforts in terms of your outreach throughout the entire hiring funnel. And that way you can make sure that from a reporting perspective you're. Thing that you can, or you're demonstrating your good faith efforts

[00:01:50] Dr. Jim: the third thing that you can do to make sure that you're compliant from a diversity perspective is to conduct regular [00:02:00] audits. You need to look at and examine, Hey, what are the blockers or roadblocks that are preventing equal employment opportunities? And then take proactive corrective action where necessary.

[00:02:12] Dr. Jim: There are tons of organizations that, can support you in those efforts from a people process and technology perspective. Do your appropriate level of research. And if you don't know where to start you can certainly look at, reaching out to us directly and we can point you to some resources as well.

[00:02:27] Dr. Jim: The fourth thing that you can do, And this should be pretty obvious. If you do have a request for information from O F C P, make sure you're not ignoring those, respond to those in a timely manner and par participate in those compliance evaluations. As required, and then that will maintain your good standing as a federal contractor.

[00:02:47] Dr. Jim: Pretty straightforward in terms of things that you can do from a federal contractor compliance perspective. And to recap the four things that you should be doing, make sure you're developing an a p plan collect and maintain data [00:03:00] across all of the demographic criteria. To demonstrate your good faith efforts, conduct regular self-audits and identify areas where you can improve proactively, and then

[00:03:09] Dr. Jim: last, but certainly not least, respond to any inbound requests that you get from O F C P. Thanks for joining us on this quick. Episode focusing in on the four key things that organizations can do to maintain their diversity compliance with O F C P. If you like this episode make sure you subscribe to us on your favorite podcast platform.

[00:03:31] Dr. Jim: You can find us on TikTok, YouTube Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Tell a friend. We are looking at aggressively growing our show we would appreciate your support. If you thought this episode was good, leave us a review and and until next time, we will catch you on the next edition of Cascading Leadership.